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*Last updated August 2016

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    72-Hour Checklist

    Use this checklist to prepare for every event. Start 72 hours ahead of time to give yourself the best lead on preparation and success.

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    Strike A Pose Technical Support Guide

    This technical support guide should explain and offer solutions to nearly any basic issue you may encounter with your photo booth. If anything is not explained here, please email us and we will help you out.

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Printer Support

We purchase our printers through Imaging Spectrum and suggest contacting their tech support team for help with your printer if your issue is not resolved after reviewing our trouble-shooting tips on our support page below.


Do not move your photo booth with media inside the printer. It can damage the printer internally and can result in paper jams and ribbon tearing. Remove the media and store it somewhere secure inside the booth. This is standard with all dye-sub printers.

Imaging Spectrum

Hours- 9-5PM CST: Monday – Friday


Hiti Digital America, Inc.

675 Break Canyon Rd., Suite 7 Walnut, CA 91789 U.S.A.

TEL: +1-909-594-0099

Ciaat Brava 21 Printer

Reinstalling (Removing) Printer +

The Brava 21 has built-in drivers within Darkroom.  To remove/reinstall the printer do the following:

  1. In Darkroom go to Global Settings > Printer Options
  2. Highlight the Brava 21 in the printer list
  3. Click Remove Printer (the printer will then be removed.
  4. To add back, click on Add Printer
  5. In the pop-up window choose the Ciaat Brava 21 printer, then click Add
  6. In the properties window that pops up click Ok

Your printer reinstallation is complete.  Click on Back to Events to return to program.

Hiti P510L Printer


Hiti media for the 510-series will soon be changing to a reusable ribbon cartridge for its media.   For the first few months, the reusable cartridge for each case of media will be shipped.  After the first few months, the media will ship with ribbon and paper only.  Please see article below on how to change your media.


Changing New Hiti Media +

Hiti media for the 510-series media will soon be changing to a reusable ribbon cartridge for its media.   For the first few months, the reusable cartridge for each case of media will be shipped.  After the first few months, the media will ship with ribbon and paper only.  Be sure to keep your cartridge.

To make the environment better,  this new design of P510 consumables can greatly lower the use of plastic material which generates carbon emission in the course of manufacturing.

Using the new design of P510 consumables can be hassle-free, and please follow the instruction below to get the consumables working well on your P510 printer without any trouble.



First, please connect the printer with your computer thru USB cable and then power on the printer.

Download the firmware here.


Input the following information on the download page:

Step 1 – Update Program (Windows)

Step 2 – Choose Discontinued in the drop-down list


Step 3 – North America

Click on the Next button.

On the next screen scroll down to find the driver: P510L Driver_v3.7.0.29……


Click on the orange Go button.  The compressed file will start to download.

Once it is downloaded go to the folder location of the file (usually Downloads.)  Double-click on the file to decompress it.  A new P510L folder will appear.  Double-click on this folder to access the sub-folders.

Then double-click on the folder named P510L_FW_v2.04.0.4  In here double-click on the file BurnFW-3.4.1.exe (you may not see the .exe) to start the update program.

Click “START” button on the update window to begin the process. Firmware upgrading takes around 6-8 minutes. Do not interrupt the process or else it could cause malfunction of the printer. Once the firmware is successfully upgraded, the printer will reset automatically.



Open the box and identify the ribbon holder. Inside the box, there’s a bundled ribbon holder and 2 sets of ribbon and paper. If any of them is missing, please contact the dealer nearest to you for assistance. Please note that the ribbon holder is a reusable part and please keep it in a safe place for future use as needed.

Identifying the ribbon and holder: ”S” & “T” mark can be found on both the ribbon and holder. It is important that S side of ribbon must meet S side of holder in the course of assembly.


Assembling the ribbon kit:



Disassembling the ribbon kit as show below:



Printer Offline? +

Check Devices and Printers to see if the printer is appearing here. Right-click the HiTi P510L and make default. If there are multiple copies, select the highest copy.

If it’s not appearing here, make sure the usb cable and power cord are both securely plugged in at both ends. Try unplugging/plugging both the USB and Power cables back  in (if the printer was plugged into the USB port, try plugging directly into the computer this time to make sure it’s receiving enough power).

Do you see the green light on the printer? (if you see an amber light, this usually indicates an error)

If your printer isn’t on, check the power switch on the back of the printer (may need to pull out first, unless you have long/skinny arms).

Still having issues, or have an error? Contact Imaging Spectrum or HiTi for support.

You can also try updating the HiTi printer drivers (unplug the printer USB cable from the computer first):

Download the most current version of the HiTi printer drivers here:

Step 1: Update Program (Windows)

Step 2: P510L

Step 3: North America

Hit next> Hit “Go”

The following file will appear in your downloads: P510L_Driver_v3.6.0.28+FW_2.03.0.3.exe (May download as a .zip file, in which case, unzip, open the driver folder and double-click the auto-run file (the application file type) to install.

Run the executable to install the printer drivers. Hit next/agree through it all. When prompted, plug in the printer to complete install (may be prompted to restart computer first).

How to disable automatic cutting for 4x6/postcard prints +
This is a setting within Darkroom:
Open Darkroom and head to Global Settings (upper right-hand corner)> Select Printer Options> Right-click the printer and select Configure> Properties> select the Paper tab> select 6×4 (not 6×4 split) from the drop-down menu and make sure this setting is saved before testing.
How to remove the printer from the photo booth +

  1. Unscrew the block of wood that’s secured above the printer. 
  2. Once the block is removed, the printer will just need to lift up about an inch from the holes they sit in before pulling out. 

Reinstalling Printer Drivers +

Before installing the printer drivers, make sure the USB for the printer is unplugged from your computer.

Download the HiTi printer drivers:

Step 1: Update Program (Windows)
Step 2: P510L
Step 3: North America

Hit next> Hit “Go”

The following file will appear in your downloads: P510L_Driver_v3.6.0.28+FW_2.03.0.3.exe Double-click on the file, two new folders should appear – P510L_Driver_v3.6.0.28 and P510L_FW_2.03.0.3.

Open the P510L_Driver_v3.6.0.28  folder and run the autorun.exe file to install the printer drivers. Select the second option for photobooth installation and then hit next/agree through the rest of the install.  You PC may reboot, then you will be prompted to plug in the printer to complete install. You should see the pop-up on the bottom right of your desktop showing the drivers were installed successfully.

Open the P510L_FW_2.03.0.3 folder and run the BurnFW-3.4.1.exe file to update the printer firmware.

Once you have updated the driver, go back to your Devices and Printers, if you have more than one Hiti P510L printer, make sure that you have the updated version selected as your default printer – select Printing Preferences, select the About tab and verify the Version listed is, if it isn’t make sure you change your default to the updated printer.

Printer is Not Printing +
  1. Make sure printer isn’t offline (see “Printer Offline?” section) and make sure you have a solid green light on the printer (anything else usually indicates a paper jam, the printer door not properly closed, out of paper, or the printer not turned on).
  2. While in Devices and Printers, check to make sure printer is not offline and is selected as the default, make sure that you have the highest printer copy selected (if there are more than one copy of the printer appearing).
  3. While still under Devices and Printers, double-click on the printer to view the printing queue and delete any jobs that are pending. Then click “Printer” in the top left corner of the printer queue window and make sure there isn’t a check mark next to “Pause Printing”. If there is, deselect it.
  4. Print a test page. If successful, continue to step 5. If not successful, see “Reinstalling Printer Drivers” and then repeat steps 1-4 here.
  5. Open Darkroom and head to Global Settings (upper right-hand corner)> Select Printer Options> if there is currently a printer appearing here, right-click and remove this printer.
  6. Select Add Printer (right-hand side)> select windows printer and then press “Add Printer”> click on the Hiti P510L Printer and then press “OK” (if there are multiple copies showing, again, select the highest copy)
  7. You may also want to right-click the printer and select Configure if needing to switch between Postcard/Photo strips and landscape/portrait so that the printer knows whether or not to cut the photos into strip, or to reposition the photos for printing.


How to load 4x6 Paper/Ink +

The P510L has gone out of production.  As such, Hiti has removed all related videos.  The video below is for the P510S.  The process for loading paper and ribbon is the same.

Watch this video.

Photo Strips Printing Off Center - How to Align Printer +

If the outside borders of your photostrips are not even, verify that your printer alignment is setup correctly.

To view step by step instructions for aligning your printer – click on the link below

Printer Alignment Instructions

Photo Strips are NOT being automatically cut into strips by the Printer +
This is a setting within Darkroom:
Open Darkroom and head to Global Settings (upper right-hand corner)> Select Printer Options> Right-click the printer and select Configure> Properties> select the Paper tab> select 6×4 split from the drop-down menu and make sure this setting is saved before testing.
Issues with Printing Layout +

If your layout is printing funny, here are a few things to check:

1. Go to Settings> Main:

  • For Print output, if printing photo strips, make sure 2×6 is selected from the first drop-down menu, and 2 copies is selected from the second drop-down menu.

2. Global Settings (upper right-hand corner)> Printer Options:

  • Right-click the printer and click configure. From here, click the Properties button, then select the Papers tab. Make sure the drop-down is set to 6×4-Split, and that the Orientation (bottom left) is set to Portrait (if printing photo strips)

3. Make sure your version of Darkroom is up-to-date (internet connection required):

  • Global Settings> Application Updates- Download Update (make sure you run/install the update after downloading)

Darkroom no longer prints after Windows 8.1 Update +
Darkroom has noticed that, in some cases, after updating to Windows 8.1, printing may no longer work. If this is the case, below are the steps to get this working again.
1.  Un-install Printer in Darkroom:
  • Darkroom> Global Settings> Printer Options> Delete/Remove printer
2.  Remove printer from Windows
  • Control Panel> Devices and Printers> right-click the HiTi printer and Delete/remove
3.  Restart PC
4.  Check to make sure the HiTi printer appears back in Windows
  • Control Panel> Devices and Printers> right-click the HiTi printer and “make default”
5.  Reinstall printer in Darkroom
  • Darkroom> Global Settings> Printer Options> Add Printer> select “Windows Printer”> Add Printer> select the HiTi P510L printer and press “OK”.
6.  Reload all printer settings
  • If you’ll be printing in strip format, you’ll want to check the paper settings for the printer (right-click the printer> click Configure> select the Paper tab> select 6×4 split from the drop-down menu)
We also recommend turning off the auto-update feature.

Have an issue you don’t see here?

With any error received, the common steps to take would be the following:

  • Restart the photo booth via the power switch on the outside of the booth. 
  • Doesn’t fix? Try opening the printer and removing the paper and ink and reloading. 
  • Doesn’t fix? Contact Imaging Spectrum for help with the Brava 21.
  • Hiti owners should contact Hiti for support.

Camera Troubleshooting

Canon U.S.A., Inc
Support Options & Hours of Operation:
Canon EOS Rebel T3 User Manual
Canon EOS Rebel T3i User Manual


Camera appears to be shutting off +

Is the camera actually powering off, or does it just appear that way when you plug/unplug the USB cable from the computer?

  • If the view on the back of the camera is just turning off/on with the pluggin/unplugging of the USB cable, this is normal. You can check to see if your computer still detects the camera by navigating to the control panel in Windows and then heading to Devices and Printers. If you see your Canon Rebel device here, it’s receiving power and it’s detected.

If your device is not appearing under Devices and Printers, there are a few things you can check:

Is the USB cable securely plugged in at both ends?

  • Is the power adapter plugged in?
  • Is the external power switch to the booth turned on? The internal power strip that the camera is plugged into?
  • Is the camera turned on? (you may need to remove the camera from its mount to see whether or not it is turned on.
  • The camera may not be receiving enough power if plugged into a USB hub. Try plugging directly into a USB port in your computer, if it’s not already.
  • The camera may have a time-out mode enabled. Try turning off/on the camera. If this is the case, you can look for the “Auto Power Off” setting in the camera’s settings menu and disable:
      Press the MENU button (on the bottom-left)> You should see red, blue, and yellow tab icons along the top (if you don’t, press the MENU button again)> scroll over to the left till you get to the first yellow wrench tab icon> Click the “Auto power off” option and select “Off”.
      Also, you can check out “External components timing out?” under General Troubleshooting for the recommended sleep/power settings for your computer.

Seeing fuzzy backgrounds & a red tint on facial features? +

The green-screen setting is enabled. Check the following settings (or click here for a visual walk-through of these settings)

1. Make sure you don’t have the “Green Screen Template” selected under Events if you aren’t actually using a green screen.

2. Make sure the “3 Image GS” screen is not selected (Settings> Screens)

3. If this screen is, in fact, not selected, click the “Edit” button to the right, above the screen preview . Double-click “Photo:*Liveview” on the right, under Template Items. Change the Transparency setting from Chroma-key to None.

Images are too dark/light, brightness varies +

You have two options with the camera to make sure the lighting is adequate.

1. You can set the top wheel to “Auto” (The green box)

2. (Recommended) Manually Set the Camera Settings – View the video here ”Manually Adjust the Camera Settings” Video. Or, these settings can also be viewed/changed within Darkroom. Click here for a screenshot of these recommended settings as reflected in Darkroom.

Reset Camera Settings from Darkroom +

All relevant camera settings can be changed from within Darkroom.  With the camera connected and turned on, simply go to the Camera tab.  These settings are relayed directly from the camera, so the moment you make a change on the screen it is changed in the camera itself, and will remain until you change it again.

The image below shows the Camera tab in Darkroom with the manual settings for use with the canopy.  If you are doing open booth sessions change the following:

ISO – from 3200 to AUTO

White Balance – From Cloudy to AUTO



General & Computer Troubleshooting

Darkroom Software:
Complimentary support is available via phone or email M-F from 8am – 5pm Central Time.
Phone: 800-517-4522, option 2

Dell Support -

Click here to access the Darkroom Booth online user manual/help guide.

Darkroom License Invalid +

Recently it has been discovered that updates are causing Darkroom to prompt for a license key, or after entering a license key it is deemed invalid.  This is an issue with Darkroom’s license database.  Contact Darkroom at 800-517-4522 for assistance.  Or you can email

Your license key is located on the back of your PC.  The sticker that indicates the location of the PC power button has a number listed on the top of it.  This number is your Darkroom license key.

Where Can I Find My Darkroom License Key? +

You can find your license key on the back of the booth computer.  In the lower left there is a sticker that points to the location of the PC power button.  The number at the top of this sticker is your Darkroom License Key.

Where to find addtional templates for Darkroom +

We recommend using Darkroom’s own template store to expand your template selection.  You can find a variety of additional Darkroom Print and Screen templates at

Photo Booth won't turn on +
  1. Is the booth’s external power switch turned on?
  2. Is the power switch on the internal outlet turned on?
  3. The electrical outlet you are using could be bad. Try another outlet.
  4. Make sure the laptop/monitor are plugged in.
  5. The fuse may have been blown. There is a replacement fuse next to the on/off switch of the booth.

External components timing out? (camera, printer, etc.) +

If issues with freezing/timing out tend to occur after the computer is idle, updating the sleep settings should resolve these issues.

Sleep Settings: 
Control Panel> Hardware & Sounds> Power Options> click “Change when the computer sleeps”> make sure both options are set to never.
Then click “Change advanced power settings”>
Hard Disk
Turn off hard disk after: 300 minutes
Sleep after: Never
Allow hybrid sleep: Off
Hibernate after: Never
USB settings
USB selective suspend setting: Disabled

Be sure to save changes



Error: Cannot Convert / How to save digital copies of Photostrips +

This error is received when one of the “Saved Image” options is selected, but the folder it’s set to save to does not exist. Click the “Options” button next to the enabled “Saved Image” option and here is where you’ll be able to change the folder location.

Click on the link below to view the step-by-step guide for setting up the folder location.

Photo Strip Digital File Creation

You may also receive this error if one of the other output options is not correctly set up. After checking the “Saved Image” option, if you’re still receiving this error, please also check your configurations associated with any other options you have enabled/selected , such as “Photo Email” and “Print” (click the Options button next to each enabled option)

How To Disable Auto-Updates in Windows 8 +

Click here for a walk-through on disabling auto-updates in Windows 8

How To Disable Auto-Updates in Windows 10 +


Windows 10 consumer versions do not allow for total disabling of Automatic Updates through the old method.  To disable follow the instructions below.  PLEASE NOTE that this will disable the update process completely. You will not be able to check for updates.

Click on the Windows icon in the lower left of the Taskbar and select All Programs.

Scroll down to “W” and click on the down arrow next to Windows Administration Tools.  From the sublist select Services.



In the Services window scroll down to Windows Update and double-click on it.



In the properties window click on the dropdown selection for Startup Type.  Choose Disabled.



Click Apply, then click OK.  The next time you start your computer the Windows Update service will not start and updates will no longer occur.

Issues with Live View Mode? +

Please check the “External components timing out? (camera, printer, etc.)” section for the recommended sleep settings, and make sure these are what you have set in Windows.

The other setting to check that would have an affect is in Darkroom under the “Liveview” tab. Please see below for the recommended setting here:

One of the enhancements listed in one of the updates is the ability to toggle Live View on/off with the CTRL + L keyboard shortcut (make sure you have version 1.00.229 or higher), so if the live view issue does happen to come up again, try toggling back on.

Face Detection Settings +

When using face detection you should set the quantity in the Main settings tab to 1 instead of the normal 2. This will allow Booth to “round up” based on the number of faces detected. With 1 face detected you will get 2 2×6 prints because dye sub printers cannot do just 1 2×6 so they will always be in multiples of 2. 2 faces will get 2 as well but 3 faces should round up to 4 total 2×6 strips.

The face detection is looking for eyes and a nose so if someone is turned sideways or behind another person they may not be detected. In our tests as long as people face the camera and both eyes can be seen it is pretty accurate.

Touch Screen Not Responding +

Do you have an external mouse plugged into the computer? This can sometimes disable touch screen settings.

Check the touch settings in your computer. Depending on your photo booth setup/OS, the location of these settings may differ slightly but, for the most part, you’ll be checking for “Pen & Touch Settings”

Check Power Options- USB ports may be set to shut off to conserve battery. Below are the recommended sleep settings:

Sleep Settings: 
Control Panel> Hardware & Sounds> Power Options> click “Change when the computer sleeps”> make sure both options are set to never.
Then click “Change advanced power settings”>
Hard Disk
Turn off hard disk after: 300 minutes
Sleep after: Never
Allow hybrid sleep: Off
Hibernate after: Never
USB settings
USB selective suspend setting: Disabled

Be sure to save changes

Edit Plan Settings


If all the setting are correct it’s possibly just a glitch, and restarting your PC should resolve this.

Not able to escape out of photo booth mode? +

The escape key is set as the default option for exiting out of photo booth mode using the keyboard.  If the escape key is not working you’ll need to go to the Control Tab to view/edit the keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen settings.  Make sure that the box next to ESC exits booth mode is checked.

Click here to view the Control Tab and explanations for each section.

Random Computer Freezing and/or Darkroom is Not Responding +

If you’re receiving a “Darkroom Booth Is Not Responding” message (sometimes followed by “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly” error), or notice the program freezing, or causing the computer to have to shut down or restart, there are a few possible considerations.

1. The first few times Darkroom runs it can ‘pause’ as it builds caches and file libraries.  Generally after 4-6 times Darkroom is run this no longer occurs.

2. Is this occurring when attempting to Start Booth Mode from edit mode? If changes were made to settings, it can take a few seconds for the settings/changes to save.

Please wait about 10 seconds after making/saving changes in edit mode before starting booth mode and you shouldn’t receive any such errors.

3. If receiving these errors/issues while running booth mode and taking photos, this could be due to a change in  timing settings. General timing settings on the Timers tab are:

  • Get Ready Delay – 3 seconds
  • Countdown Before Photo – 4 seconds
  • Time Between Photos – 4 seconds

4. If you have McAfee antivirus running, this can cause issues with timing due to the antivirus software scanning incoming images as they’re transferred from the memory card onto the computer’s hard drive. You can disable McAfee altogether, or at least disable the real-time scanning option.

 Search for and open “McAfee” and make sure “Real-Time Scanning” is Turned off. Before selecting “Turn Off”, make sure the drop-down is set/selected to Never turn back on. See below screenshots for a visual walk-through.

It is also helpful to remove McAfee from the computer altogether.  To do this, enter the Control Panel or search on Programs and Features.  From this window highlight McAfee and select Uninstall at the top of the list.

Experiencing delay after countdown in booth mode? +

If you’re experiencing a delay between the 3,2,1 countdown when taking photos in booth mode, check the focus setting on your camera.

This is separate from the general settings dial and is located on the lens of your camera as a toggle switch with AF and MF (Automatic Focus or Manual Focus) as the two options. You want this set to Manual Focus.

Emails not sending / Email setup Instructions +

If you’ve checked one of the Photo Email 1 or 2 Options in the section of the Main Tab labeled – What to output for each set of photos – and are having issues with getting this option to work, there are a few settings to check.  You need to verify that the email settings are correct in your Global Settings.

If you had to make any corrections, such as correcting your password, in order to get the Outgoing Connection OK message when clicking the Test button, you will need to clear out any emails that might be stuck in the print queue.  Attempting to send emails prior to successfully setting up your email account in Global Settings will result in messages stuck in the Print Queue. To clear your Print Queue follow the steps below:

Darkroom> Prints Tab> Print (middle drop-down option)> Show Print Queue> Pending Jobs. If there are any pending jobs here, choose Delete All Print Jobs to clear the queue.  New sessions should now send emails.

Problems with Gmail accounts +

Normally once you set up your email options in Darkroom you can use the Email feature to allow guests to email themselves copies of their photo strips.  However, on occasion Gmail will block access from Darkroom.

There is a hidden setting in Gmail that allows you to enable Less Secure Apps to post emails through your account.  This setting can only be found at this link:

Copy the link and paste it into your web browser.  It will bring you to your account login screen.  Log in with your photo booth email account.  Change the setting under Connected Apps & Settings – Allow Less Secure Apps to Allow.

USB Monitor not recognized +

There are certain circumstances where a diver for the USB monitor is required.  They can download it at

The file should be sent to your Downloads folder.  Double-click the file to run it.  Once installation is complete, reboot the computer.